Toasts with a fried chicken

According to V. Shtabova’s book «3 dishes in 30 minutes».
Long white loaf — 1 piece,
Butter for greasing toasts — 2 tablespoons,
Fried chicken — 1 piece,
Flour — 1 tablespoon,
Vegetable oil — 1 tablespoon,
Milk — 1/2 of a glass,
Egg yolk — 1 piece,
Juice from 1/2 of a lemon.
1. Get products for a dish, measure the necessary quantity and put the rest in places.
2. Divide chicken into several parts.
3. Cut a long loaf on slices.
4. Put butter on each slice from both sides.
5. Put all slices of bread on a baking sheet.
6. On each slice of bread put a slice of a chicken.
7. Warm vegetable oil on a frying pan.
8. Add flour and fry it.
9. Pour milk on this efrying pan.
10. Boil this sauce.
11. Switch off fire and after that add an egg yolk. Sauce has to be dense.
12. Fill it with salt, sugar and lemon juice.
13. Put sauce to toasts with a chicken on each of them.
14. Strew with bradcrumbs.
15. Warm the oven to 180-190 C.
16. Put the sheet with toasts in the oven.
17. Bake 10-12 minutes.
18. Switch off the oven, take out the baking sheet with toasts.
Bon appetit!