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Guzher — recipe is on a completion

«Gougere» — classical French pastries from Burgundy.
Add grated cheese to custard paste (usually Gruyere Swiss cheese)
and Cayenne pepper, then spread on a baking sheet separate «small groups»
or unit ring. Strew them with grated cheese. Bake in an oven for
20-30 minutes. You can make Guzhers with various unsweetened stuffings (mushrooms, a cauliflower)
Give the to a table with warm or cold sauce.
By tradition guzhers are used as snacks or as an introduction dish of «entree» in the menu of a lunch,
In combination with a green salad they replace an easy dinner.
Bon appetit!

Custard paste,
Swiss cheese «Gruyere» grated,
Pepper Cayenne.
For a stuffing:
Paste from a salmon or mushrooms or a cauliflower.
For giving:
Sauce to taste,
Green salad. Читать далее