Quail eggs with black caviar

For 12 portions:
Quail eggs — 12 pieces,
Black caviar — 1 bank (140g),
Green onions (stalks) — 4 pieces.
1. Get products for a dish, measure the necessary quantity and put the rest in their places.
Cut stalks Of green onion on 24 equal parts.
2. Boil quail eggs in the boiling water within 2 minutes.
3. Put eggs in cold water.
4. Leave for 5 minutes.
5. Take out eggs from water.
6. Shell them entirely or halfly.
7. Cut off a top of each egg.
8. Put some caviar on each egg.
9. Decorate each egg with a couple of green onion’s stralks.
10. Take a deep dish and fill it with a sea salt (a decor element).
11. Put eggs on the dish.
Bon appetit!