Eggplants envelopes with tomatoes and a horse-radish

4 portions
Eggplant, size large — 2 pieces,
Fresh garlic — 2 cloves and 1 clove for salsa,
It is possible to replace fresh garlic with garlick powder, in this case it is necessary to take: for eggplants — 1/2 of a teaspoon
and for salsa — 1/4 of a teaspoon,
Horse-radish (grated) — 1 tablespoon,
Tomatoes — 4 pieces,
Cuted tomatoes — 500 g,
Olive oil — 3 tablespoons and 1 more spoon for salsa,
Cottage cheese — 150 g,
Red chili pepper — 1 pod,
Onion — 1 piece,
Tomato paste — 2 tablespoons,
Black pepper ground.
1. Get all products, needed for a dish, measure the necessary quantity and put the rest in places.
2. At first we prepare eggplants:
Cut eggplants lengthways slices. 8 slices are necessary. Leave side slices from eggplants in some bowl and use other slices.
3. Warm olive oil on a frying pan.
4. Slightly fry eggplant’s slices on olive oil, put them on a plate.
5. Wash tomatoes and cut them in circles. Average circles, (only 4 pieces) leave in the bowl and use other circles.
6. Cut the low and top circles in cubes.
7. Cut side slices of eggplants in cubes too.
8. Fry cubes from tomatoes and eggplants in the remained fat, and put them on the other plate.
9. Add salt and pepper.
10. Mix cubes of tomatoes and eggplants with a horse-radish and a cottage cheese.
11. Accurately stir them.
12. Take a serving dish. Put in pairs slices from an eggplant: each couple cross-wise.
13. Put a spoon of stuffing in the middle of each couple. Put 1 tomato circle on the stuffing.
14. Now impose the ends of slices at each other, having enclosed a tomato circle under the top ends, I.e. we have a tomato circle
between the ends of eggplant’s slices.
15. Fasten all this with a wooden skewer.
16. To includeurn on the grill.
17. Bake on a grill these «designs» within 3 minutes.
18. Now we need to prepare tomato salsa:
Wash a pod of red pepper, put away seeds.
19. Chop red pepper.
20. CuWash onion, shell it and cut in cubes.
21. Put a frying pan on fire and warm 1 tablespoon of olive oil on it.
22. Brown together cubes of red pepper and onion cubes.
23. Pass a garlic clove through a press (or crush it with a knife).
24. Add a garlic glove (or the garlick powder) on a frying pan with pepper and onions.
25. Add tomato paste, and cuted tomatoes.
26. Stir accurately.
27. Prepare this for 15 minutes.
28. Add salt as your taste.
Bon appetit!